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Updated: May 31, 2019

Tyres, like other rubber products, have a limited service life. Continuous use of old tyres may lead to dangerous accidents.

Regardless of how often a vehicle is driven, or how much the tyre tread is worn, age remains a factor. The potential hazards of using older tyres aren’t always obvious to the naked eye - primarily, a tyre ages from the inside out. The structural components of a tyre deteriorate over time, which can cause the tread to unexpectedly separate with potentially disastrous consequences. Furthermore, as a tyre ages, the rubber compound becomes harder. The harder the rubber becomes, the less traction the tyre provides.

Make sure you know how to read the age of your tyres: read the article here.

Once your vehicle’s tyres reach the five year mark, it is recommended that you have them inspected annually by the professionals at your nearest BestDrive. Ignoring ageing signs on your tyres may result in a number of occurrences that can place yourself and other road users at great risk. Tyre bursts - the deteriorating rubber on an aging tyre allows for air to pass through more rapidly. When a car travels at high speeds with deflated tyres, the chances of a tyre burst increase significantly.

Increased risk of tyre punctures - a loss of air pressure in a tyre, as well as the thickness of the tread deteriorating, increases the likelihood of a puncture.

Reduced grip - minimal tread and hardening of a tyre’s rubber are both contributing factors to reducing a vehicle’s traction on the road surface. This impacts on your ability to effectively brake and can contribute significantly to experiencing a loss of control whilst driving.

Aquaplaning - as the tread on an older tyre wears down, its ability to effectively disperse water decreases. This greatly increases your chances of aquaplaning when experiencing wet conditions on the road.

Tyres that are used infrequently suffer from an accelerated aging process. Your spare tyre must be factored into this category.

It is a simple statement of truth that your tyres are the sole point of contact between your vehicle and the road’s surface. They provide you with a stable driving experience. If you fail to monitor aging tyres, they may very well have a negative impact on the performance of your vehicle and compromise your safety.

If you suspect your tyres are suffering symptoms associated with the aging process, have noticed signs of aging or know that they are older than 5 years, contact your nearest BestDrive store today. The professionals at BestDrive can provide you with a thorough inspection of your tyres to reduce your chances of experiencing a nasty accident that may otherwise have been simply avoided.

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